Source: Sherman Publications

Oxford police log

April 27, 2011

Monday, April 25 - Report of an assault and battery on Hunters Rill. A mother told responding officers from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office her daughter struck her multiple times in the head. The altercation began when the mother refused to give her daughter permission to contact her father. The daughter then became irate, telling her mother she hated her and yelling obscenities at her before heading off into her room. Upon leaving the room, the daughter tried to leave the house, but her mother blocked her path, which caused the daughter to begin striking the mother in the head. The daughter then left the house and was later found at one of her friend’s house.

*A passer by noticed a pink girls bike leaning against the fence at Oxford Lakes. It was also reported the fence was broken near the fence. Police were unable to locate the bike.

*Police received a call about people doing burnouts on Pleasant.

*A larceny was reported on Crawford St. A woman claimed her daughter stole her prescription medications.

Sunday, April 24 - An Oxford police officers assisted the Lake Orion Police Department with a driving while license suspended on S. Broadway St.

*A disabled motorist was reported on Glaspie and Lakeville.

Saturday, April 23 - An alarm went off at a residence on Squaw Lagoon Dr for a possible breaking and entering. Upon arrival, deputies noticed the front door was ajar. They proceeded to check the interior of the house, but nothing appeared to be missing or disturbed.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported on Spezia. A vehicle was reported driving back and forth along the street.

*Village police assisted the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department with a vehicle lockout on S. Lapeer Rd.

*Suspicious vehicle was reported on Pontiac St.

*A caller on Doral witnessed his ex-girlfriend allegedly try and break into his house.

Friday, April 22 - Accident property damage was reported on Harwood. A man was driving behind a gravel truck on N/B Lapeer Rd. and the truck was dropping small stones from the truck and it’s tires, causing several stone chips on the wind shield and front end of the vehicle behind him. The driver of the vehicle followed the gravel truck into a parking lot and told him what happened. According to the driver of the damaged vehicle, the truck driver told him to call the insurance agency and it wasn’t his problem. The truck driver told police the driver of the damaged vehicle was belligerent towards him. A report of the incident was written.

*Suspicious vehicle on Crawford St. and Pontiac St.

*Police received a report of protesters harassing customers at an establishment on E. Burdick St. The protestors were advised.

*Village police received a report of someone driving around in a field behind a house on Iverness. The caller thought it was possibly juveniles.

*Suspicious vehicle reported on Pontiac St.

*A civil matter on Pocahontas. The caller called police back a few minutes later and reported everything was all set.

*A car was spotted running in the SW Lot for over two hours without anyone inside the vehicle. Upon further investigation, the driver of the vehicle was in the car next to him and the reason the vehicle was running was to keep it warm.

*Oakland County Sheriff’s responded to the scene of an intoxicated male on Dunlap Road with epilepsy.

Thursday, April 21 - Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of operating under the influence of liquor on Dunlap Circle. Dispatch advised the responding officers the complainant’s vehicle was damaged and the possible driver, who was intoxicated, was at the residence. The complainant stated she left her keys to her vehicle on the counter overnight, and when she woke up, she found her vehicle was damaged. The complainant’s roommate stated it was the intoxicated male who took the keys and damaged the vehicle, but deputies could not determine if the man drove the vehicle. The man did not admit to driving the vehicle, but he was having a hard time standing and speaking. When given a PBT, the man blew a .314. The Oxford fire department was called due to the highly intoxicated state and took the male to Crittenton Hospital.

*An officer was performing building checks in the West Burdick Plaza and heard noises and glass break in the cemetery. Officer did an area check and was unable to find anything or anyone.

*Screaming and yelling were reported on Woodleigh Way. It turned out to be teenage girls having a sleepover.

Wednesday, April 20 - Report that an elderly female drove off of Seymour Lake Rd. and into a ditch.

*A caller on W. Oakwood informed police a girlfriend and her daughter left the residence over a day ago and haven’t been back since.

*A possible trespasser was reported on Brentwood.

Tuesday, April 19 - A man was caught on a security camera at a store on N. Lapeer Rd. stealing $442 worth of electronic games. The man was seen being assisted by an employee in the section of the store, only to leave and return later with bobby pins, trying to pick the security device. The male was able to successfully pick the security lock and remove the games without paying for them.

*A bank bag containing nearly $1500 worth of cash and checks was taken from the front administration office at Oxford High School. According to Principal Mike Schweig, the bag was in an unlocked office desk drawer overnight. It wasn’t until the morning the bag was discovered missing. Schweig advised officers he had recently suspended a student, who was on probation for larceny. The student was observed by staff members in the area of the front administration office waiting for a ride. The student was also observed going in and out of the office area, with a book bag that was small enough to have possibly contained the missing bank bag. Schweig informed deputies four contracted cleaning staff were also in the area of the front office during the time the bank bag could have disappeared. Schweig indicated he and his staff would handle the matter internally and would get police involved if they were not able to find the missing bag.

*Officers stood by while some school administrators at DA met with a first grader and his parents regarding the student stealing MP3 players.

*Police helped a woman get back into a home on West St. because she had locked herself out of the home and there was an unattended six month old still inside.

*Two young males were seen hopping a fence to a business on N. Washington. Village police found them and spoke with their parents.