Source: Sherman Publications

Addison treasurer hires daughter as new deputy

by Andrew Moser

April 27, 2011

Addison Township didnt have to search very far to find a new deputy treasurer.

April Alberty, daughter of Township Treasurer Dan Alberty, was hired as the new Deputy Treasurer for the township.

Im just happy I have the opportunity to show people that I will be good at this job and they will get to know me like they got to know Jan (Ferguson), Alberty said.

She officially began on Tuesday, April 12.

So far I enjoy it, she said about her first couple of days in office. Ive known a lot of the people in the office; Ive met them before because I have been around the township. Everyone has been very welcoming and very nice.

Treasurer Alberty said the search for a new Deputy Clerk began a couple months ago when former Deputy Treasurer Jan Ferguson informed him she was retiring.

He said his daughter was the best candidate for the position because of her computer knowledge and previous knowledge of Addison Township and its finances.

He noted the township received six or seven resumes and interviewed three candidates for the position.

Two of the three expressed concerns about what happened in the past as far as the job only being an appointed job, with no right to stay around because it is a deputy position that is appointed, Treasurer Alberty said.

Alberty added there will be no conflict of interest between himself and his daughter.

I expect more from her doing it than I would from somebody else, he said.

He added April will stay on until the end of his term in office, and then her performance will be evaluated.

Tresurer Alberty noted there have been instances in the past in Addison Township, and other smaller townships in Michigan, where family members have hired in to perform as the deputy treasurer.

There are numerous communities throughout the state where this happens, he said. In some of them, its actually the husband and wife that are treasurer and deputy treasurer.

Township Supervisor Bruce Pearson said he checked with Township Attorney Robert Davis and the Michigan Township Association and was told the hiring was not illegal.

We looked at it, the township supervisor looked at it and we contacted Michigan Township Association about it and basically went back to Dan and said its your call, its your deputy, but you are going to be the one responsible for her work performance, Davis said.

The transition for April should not be too difficult because she has already helped her father out with some of the accounting when he has brought work home.

In addition, she is working on her bachelors degree in Accounting and Business from Oakland University. She also received her Associates in Accounting from Oakland Community College.

April has previously worked at an orthopedic surgeons office for 14 years, where she did accounts receivable, accounts payable, billing along with dealing with front desk patients and checkout.

Treasurer Alberty noted his daughters past experiences working in the doctors office and dealing with confidentially agreements gives him confidence conflict of interest will not be a problem.

April knows that she has some big shoes to fill.

Jan was here 24 years and she was awesome, (so Im) just trying to keep up to her standards and maybe do a couple more things electronically than she was doing, April said.

Treasurer Alberty noted the computers at the township were receiving system upgrades and April was already familiar with the system the township would be running.

She added her training with Oakland County will not start until the beginning of May, so right now she is spending her time answering phones and helping citizens of Addison Township finish their 2011 taxes.

Im answering calls right now for people who are looking at what they paid in property taxes and just trying to help whoever calls and trying to get them to the right person, she said. Im learning as I go.

When she is not busy at work, she likes to show her horses, Rosie, Jackie and Cinder, and her dogs Nick, Shooter and Freddy, at local and national competitions.

Its neat. We have met people from all over the world at Nationals, she said. Its a neat group to get to know.