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Letter to the editor
Vote next Tuesday during the school board election

April 27, 2011

May 3, 2011 is an important date in our community’s history -- or should we say, it could be an important date? Only the Fates know.

May 3 is the date 14 members of this community will ask you -- their neighbors, family and friends -- to vote them onto the Lake Orion Community School’s Board of Education.

So, why are we implying May 3 is going to be historically significant? First, consider the amount of involvement by the community in something that for the recent past has been left unattended by the public. When was the last time so many people came to a school board meeting as they have for the last two? Two hundred at one meeting alone!

Consider also, of an entire board of seven individuals, five seats are up for grabs. The implications here are huge. For many years this newspaper has heard of the “foul plays” by past boards when they hand pick appointments to fill vacancies or held elections when few residents would care to vote.

We will take our lumps if we are wrong, but we bet May 3’s election numbers will be up from the single-digit norms.

And, regardless of the reasons, get this -- for the four, 4-year terms there are 12 people running! For a partial term (ending June 30, 2013) there are two people running. Fourteen people are putting their money where their mouths are and sacrificing their free time for the betterment of this community. That is outstanding!

Lastly, this could be an important date in Lake Orion history, because this may very well be the last school election on its own school schedule --the next board will most likely join the rest of Oakland County districts and let voters make school decisions at the same time they vote during general elections.

Add it all up, and we are all witnessing a rebirth of community involvement and that, in a word, is historic.

* * *

Our hats off to all candidates. Thank you all for running and being a part of the process! For those who do not make the final cut, thank you again and we hope you stay involved.

* * *

Civility . . . let us remember those running for the board of education are all our neighbors. Even if they do not represent YOUR personal ideas or positions, we expect YOUR personal behavior to be civil. This should not be a “you are either with me or against me” referendum. Remember we can agree to disagree without name calling.

-- dpr