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Letter to the editor
Reader unimpressed with sewer fees

May 04, 2011

Dear Editor,

Does anyone really think that changing the method of billing for sewer usage is about being more fair or equitable? Is it really about raising more money for DPW, since DPW depleted its Water & Sewer fund by loaning money to the township supervisor to pay over twice market value for the Township Hall?

It will be interesting to see if sewer revenue to DPW rises in the first full year of "punching the numbers in." Now Ms. Linda Richardson has two routes to raise fees, "all we have to do is increase our flow rate (charge)" or "we'll have to increase the ready-to-serve (charge)." I am not surprised with Ms. Richardsonís pandering to seniors by suggesting that they are unfairly paying for the sewer usage of 10,000 square foot homes with 10 children.

Since the proposed sewer charge comes from on water flowing through the meter into the home, is it more equitable to pay a sewer fee on summer water used for sprinkling your yard? How much will it cost to install a second meter to measure irrigation usage? DPW refused to do this when I built my home in 2003.

Please note that while Ms. Richardson suggests that raises in the Flow Rate or Ready-to-Serve charges are linked to fee increases from the Clinton-Oakland systems, she also points out that the change will not take place until the fees come in AND she reviews her 2012 DPW budget. This makes me think that if the DPW budget is a little tight it will be "just a matter of punching the numbers in".

This brilliant idea of raising money for DPW by charging a sewer fee for water not using the sewers makes me sorry that Ms. Richardson retracted her letter of resignation earlier this year.

Jeff Gibbs

Independence Township