Source: Sherman Publications

Oxford police log

May 04, 2011

Monday, May 2 - Suspicious circumstance reported on N. Washington and W. Burdick. Police received word of a possible intoxicated subject at the intersection. The male was transported back to his residence on N. Washington.

*A 2 X 4 was reported to be in the middle of the road on S. Washington and W. Burdick. Village officers were not able to locate the piece of wood.

*Suspicious vehicle reported on Maple. A green dodge was seen cruising around the block. It was last seen heading east on Dayton.

Sunday, May 1 - A man on Market St. was arrested and lodged in Oakland County Jail after Oakland County Sheriff deputies responded to a claim of child abuse. When deputies arrived, they found a child with finger marks around her neck due to the man choking and pushing her to the floor because he got angry. It was also reported the man had shoved his wife. When officers went to arrest the man, he resisted arrest. The man was arrested for child abuse, domestic violence and resisting an officer.

*A resident of Crossroads for Youth ran away twice. Oakland County Sheriffs did an area check and were unable to locate the resident after he ran away for a second time.

*Noise complaint on S. Washington and W. Burdick. The caller was not sure if the noise was coming from an establishment or a car stereo.

*A vehicle was egged on Moyer.

*A caller stated a woman on S. Lapeer Rd. was possibly intoxicated in a silver jeep, which had children in it as well.

Saturday, April 30 - An officer witnessed a vehicle leave the Village DPW yard just past midnight.

*Officers received word about a possible fight in an establishment on S. Washington.

*Report of a possible drunk driver on Aquaview.

*Trespassers were reported on W. Burdick. It turned out to be kids from the neighborhood, and officers spoke with one of their mothers and everything was all set.

*An individual on Park St. reported his house was damaged by a pellet gun. The reporting individual thought it might be his neighbor from across the street.

Friday, April 29 - Accident on Lakeville Road and Chinkapin Rill.

*A white bronco was seen driving through a field on W. Drahner.

*A suspicious person was reported near the soccer field concession stand on Pontiac St. It turned out to be a soccer person getting some equipment.

*A door to a church on Pontiac St. was found jimmied open. There appeared to be no damage or forced entry.

*A two-year-old was locked inside a house on Powell.

Thursday, April 28 - Breaking and entering reported on W. Drahner. The owner of the vacant property reported someone broke into the residence and stole some copper wire and pipes, and in the process left the water running, ruining the basement floor.

*Traffic complaint on Glaspie and Lakeville. A caller reported a subject honked their horn at her, pulled up next to her began yelling at her. Police were unable to make contact with the responsible driver.

Wednesday, April 27 - Tires were reported stolen from vehicles parked on Metamora Rd. and Plexus Dr.

*Suspicious circumstance reported on Pearl. When officers arrived, they found the back door ajar, and when they went inside the home, they found it was empty.

Tuesday, April 26 - An assault occurred on Ray Rd. The reporting person left the scene after refusing medical treatment.

*A larceny was reported on N. Washington. The suspect was seen wearing a blue ski monster cap and had black hair.