Source: Sherman Publications

LAX earns first win of season

by Andrew Moser

May 11, 2011

The varsity lacrosse team finally captured that elusive first victory after defeating Swartz Creek 6-5 on Friday, May 6.

“It feels really good and the kids felt really good,” varsity lacrosse coach Joe Zmikly said. “A lot of hard work goes into it and to have it finally pay off...parents, kids, fans, everyone was pretty excited.”

“it’s kind of like the monkey off the back...a lot of times I got the feeling the guys thought here we go again, things starting to go bad, but now that we got the win, from here on out hopefully it brings more confidence,” Zmikly added.

Right from the start the Wildcats would be tested as a lot of calls went against them. But they battled through and wound up trailing 4-2 entering halftime.

“From the get-go we faced a deficit, but they battled,” Zmikly said.

Through three quarters it wasn’t looking like the Wildcats would be able to pull it out as they found themselves trailing 5-3. However they dug deep and scored three goals in the fourth quarter to capture their first ever victory as a varsity sport.

“It was the first time we consistently played the way we were capable of for four quarters,” he said. “We put it all together and guys stepped up in the fourth quarter and made it happen.”

Junior Garrett Kovacic lead the Wildcats with a three goals. Sophomore Piper Thaler added two goals and senior Christian Lopez added one for Oxford.

The night before, the Wildcats lost to Saginaw Heritage 10-3. Piper Thaler had two goals and senior Konrad Thaler had the other goal.

They next play Swartz Creek on Friday, May 13.