Source: Sherman Publications

Lake Orion grads rally to help former classmate

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

May 11, 2011

Tragedy has many sources, and one event chief on the list is losing a child - something that has recently happened to Orion area Joe and Kristi Schons.

However, their grief is not unheard, and some of the mother’s former Lake Orion High School classmates are utilizing their businesses to help lessen the sorrow.

Jessie Moyet, LOHS grad and founder of the Detroit Love line of clothing has pledged 50 percent of his sales on May 14 to the victims of this tragedy.

“When I heard the news I knew they were going to need help with the burial, along with other expenses,” said Moyet. “She seemed happy when she got the news about the fund-raiser, but it’s a sad thing they went through, and the least we can do is help out a little bit.

“I’m thinking it will also be good karma.”

The fund-raiser, hosted by Elements in downtown Lake Orion, is not the only form of fund-raising occurring. Jennifer Scheidt, of Wisconsin, and owner of the jewelry website Silpada Jewelry and another LOHS graduate, has offered 80 percent of her sales for the month of May. She said she’s grateful for social networking sites like Facebook, because without it, she would not have heard of the tragedy.

“Kristi is a friend of mine from high school and when I heard about the loss of her son, as a mother, I thought ‘how could I not help out,’” said Scheidt, who graduated from LOHS in 1991. “I’m just doing what I can from out of state, and I want to let (the victim’s) family is in my prayers.

“Being 20 years out of high school really gave me a chance to see all the support and love from all over the country thanks to social networking, which without I don’t think we could have put something like this fund-raiser together so quickly.”

The organizer of the event, Kimberly Casper of Milford and yet another LOHS graduate, said she got involved because of her bond to Lake Orion.

“The way I saw it is a good friend of ours recently suffered the loss of a child, and her other son has cystic fibrosis, and we just wanted to do something to help her,” said Casper. “I asked Jessie if he would be able to donate anything, because I know he’s donated in the past with his apparel line and it’s nice that he already has a relationship with Elements.

“When he came back and said he’d donate 50 percent, I was ecstatic.”

In addition to the fund-raiser on May 14 at Elements and the online efforts, as part of an alumni reunion on June 25, Moyet will offer his wares, but this time at the reunion’s site - Christies Bar and Grill. He will again be donating 50 percent of his profits.

“When we started planning for the reunion for the summer, we didn’t want to exclude anyone because we had so many different aged friends,” said Casper. “We basically said ‘we’re going to set something up on June 25 and everyone that has graduated in these years is invited’ and we had such overwhelming feedback that most alumni are now invited regardless of graduation year.

“Christie’s is participating too and giving us a great price for the reunion.”

Casper added the participation in the fund-raiser has reinforced her belief in Lake Orion as a community that sticks together. She said she feels fortunate to have friends like Moyet and Scheidt.

“Everyone associated with this fund-raiser is a Lake Orion graduate, and it’s great to see people volunteering their time,” said Casper. “For me, them just helping out, has been a really great example of showing their hometown love.

“Jessie’s company has a history of donating - these are the kinds of friends I’m lucky enough to have.”

For more information on either Detroit Love Apperal, Silpada Jewlery, or the fundraiser, search orion love fundraiser on