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Elise’s Entries A column by Elise Shire
Learn by doing

by Elise Shire

May 18, 2011

My name is Elise Shire. I am an intern at the Clarkston News and a journalism student at University of Michigan-Flint.

I have just started this internship a few weeks ago and have already learned so much about what it means to be a journalist.

Along with this, I have also been learning more about my community and the people in it. In my first few assignments, I am reassured Clarkston is filled with kind, intelligent, and active people.

I have lived in Clarkston since I was 5, moving here in 1990. I could not have grown up in a more beautiful and tight-knit community.

I attended Everest Academy from kindergarten to sixth grade and then went on to attend Sashabaw Middle school. For my high school years, I went to Clarkston High School.

No matter which Clarkston school I attended, I felt my education went above and beyond most other schools. I was taught many lessons that I still carry with me today. My teachers and peers were all very supportive.

A lot has changed since I was that 5-year old growing up in Clarkston. There have been many restaurants and other stores added, especially on Sashabaw Road. Many of those I grew up with have moved away for college.

Even so, there are still many things about Clarkston that have remained the same. Downtown Clarkston is still one of the best places I know to celebrate Halloween, and Depot Park is still one of the prettiest places to take pictures for Homecoming and other events.

Also, the residents of Clarkston are still as nice as they ever were. It is a comforting thought that some things will always stay the same.

This has been an exciting, yet challenging, experience for me so far. Learning about something is very different than actually going out and doing it.

Fortunately, everyone at the Clarkston News has been incredibly helpful. Despite certain challenges, such as a faulty “Y” key, I have really been enjoying myself and I am looking forward to further working with my community at the paper.