Source: Sherman Publications

Flower Fair rained out, still crowded

May 18, 2011

Mother nature favored the flowers over the humans during this year’s Lake Orion Flower Fair, held in downtown last weekend.

Rain and comparatively cool temperatures forced many potential visitors to stay home, but a brave few made the trek and bore the weather to see what all the fuss was about.

While the event focused on the floral and colorful, the items were not limited to just flowers. Pottery, fund-raisers, painting, pictures and live music waited for anyone willing to tough out the wet conditions. To stave off the chill, coffee, cocoa, and hot food were readily available. Over 100 people ignored the cold, the wet and the dirt of downtown to peruse what the annual festival held in store.

Yet while Saturday’s conditions proved not brutal enough, Sunday was another story, with temperatures dropping to the 50s while rain continued to fall. The festival was cancelled soon after opening, with many vendors preemptively packing up to avoid the miserable day.

It was a good attempt Lake Orion, but Michigan weather will be what it is.