Source: Sherman Publications

Oxford police log

May 25, 2011

Monday, May 23 - A single car rollover accident occurred at New Rd. and Mill Pond Rd. A man was driving south on Newman Rd. and at some point lost control of his Ford F-150 and flipped it on itís side. The truck then proceeded to run over a small tree before it came to rest after striking a six foot chain link fence. The male driver was trapped inside the vehicle, hanging inside due to the seatbelt. The male was complaining about pain in his left arm and deputies from the Oakland County Sheriffís Department could see blood throughout the truck. When talking with the man, the deputies could smell a strong odor of intoxicants. The male was taken to POH hospital after the Oxford Fire Department had to use the jaws of life to free the man from his truck. While officers were investigating the scene, they found several empty and one full can of beer.

*A man on S. Lapeer Rd. reported his Michigan license plate was either stolen off of his vehicle or if fell off during a half-hour span on Monday afternoon.

Sunday, May 22 - A second incident of tasering by the Oxford Village Police occurred during the morning hours on Crawford St. Village Police received a call to 135 Crawford St. for a disturbing the peace report because neighbors were complaining about some yelling and banging on walls that had been occurring for several hours. When officers arrived at the scene, they heard the screaming and traced it to an apartment on the second floor. They found the door to the apartment open, so they announced their presence. Upon entering the apartment, they encountered three males. After asking the males to quiet down, 22-year-old Lapeer resident Kevin Sisky allegedly approached the officer, forcing the officer to ask Sisky to back down three times. When Sisky did not comply, the officer pulled out his taser and shot him. After being tased, Sisky was placed under arrest for resisting and obstructing an officer and disturbing the peace. On Tuesday, May 24, Sisky was charged with resisting and obstructing an officer in front of Judge Julie Nicholson at the 52-3 District Court in Rochester Hills and released on a $10,000 personal bond.

*A man and woman on S. Manor St. reported receiving threatening text messages, phone calls and Facebook posts from the manís mother and sister.

Saturday, May 21 - Four DVDís and a cell phone were stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Driftwood Ct. in Oxford Twp.

*There was an attempted breaking and entering at a home on Lincoln. A woman found a screen to her garage cut and damaged and on the ground by the garage door. She also found the window the screen belonged to cracked. The deputy observed the window frame was also bent.

*Report of car alarms and banging going on at Bay Pointe Dr. and Sunset Blvd. An officer checked the area and was unable to find any problems.

*Operating under the influence of liquor reported on Pontiac and Pocahantas.

Friday, May 20 - A female student at Oxford Middle School reported to the Oakland County Sheriffs that a fellow male student punched her in the mouth. The female did not know the name of the student, but she was able to identify the student when she was shown a picture. The male student denied hitting her.

*A man on Hunters Rill reported his driverís side window was shattered after parking his van. The driver admitted to having a Husky inside the car at the time, but he did not know if the dog or someone outside the vehicle broke the window. The dog did not appear to be injured.

*A man on Athalane got scared after he took to many sleeping pills and wanted the number for poison control. He then refused medical treatment and wanted to consult his doctor for advise.

*A woman reported her boyfriend stole her vehicle. However, his name was also on the title, so officers advised her the car was not stolen.

*An accident occurred on Lakeville Rd. by Parker Lake Rd. A witness to the accident stated the female driver who crossed the center line was swerving all over the road from Bay Pointe Dr. to the scene of the accident.

Thursday, May 19 - Oakland County Sheriffís received a report of breaking and entering at a home on Gibson in Oxford Twp. The reporting person stated she went to leave her house and she noticed the sliding glass was removed from her garage. When she investigated, she found her leaf blower was missing. The officer noticed someone parked a large vehicle in the alley Drahner behind the house on Gibson and Burlington and the subject used a fire poker to pry the window out of the tracks. The womanís neighbor also reported his generator, a leaf blower, chainsaw and backpack blower were taken from his shed.

*A GPS was stolen from a vehicle on Sebek.

*A man on N. Washington reported some lawn equipment was stolen out of his trailer and his truck was broken into.

*Juveniles on East St. were arguing outside in a yard and using curse words. The reporting individual wanted an officer to advise the children to clean up their language and go inside. An officer spoke with the juveniles and they went inside.

*Kids were shooting paintballs at things on Lakeville and Hosner Rd.

Wednesday, May 18 - Male subjects picketing at Oxford Elementary were making lewd comments towards female parents as they entered the building.

*A 12-year-old male got into an argument with his mother and proceeded to walk home from an establishment on N. Lapeer Rd. Officers were able to locate the boy and take him home.

Tuesday, May 17 - A person was reported fishing on the beach at Scripter Lake . An officer advised the responsible subject.

*On S. Washington, a female was slumped over the wheel of her vehicle. When the reporting person honked her horn, the woman looked up and appeared to be incoherent. The individual also reported there looked to be a baby in the back seat of the vehicle.