Source: Sherman Publications

Yearbook: Freely advertise abortion?

May 25, 2011

Dear Editor,

Iím not entirely sure if this is newsworthy but I would love to know what other parentsí (or studentsí for that matter) opinions are on the subject of pregnancy centers advertising in high school yearbooks. My son came home yesterday and I almost immediately became aware that there was an advertisement for a ďproblemĒ pregnancy center offering information on abortions. I was outraged!! It saddens me to think this is what has become acceptable in high schools. I have several calls in to the high school and am waiting for return calls. I canít believe that I would be the only parent that would find this unacceptable. I just canít find enough words right now to describe my disappointment in the irresponsibility of such a decision. I canít believe we are condoning such an act. First of all babies are not diseases. You donít just go and ďfixĒ the problem. If you are old enough to engage in casual sex and have been educated on the consequences of those actions, then you should deal with the outcome. It is a baby for goodness sake, not a disease. This, of course, is my opinion. With that being said, I paid for that yearbook for my child and should have a say as to what they are being exposed to, especially if it does not concern academia. The last time I checked, that is the reason my child attends schoolófor an education in reading, writing, and math. They do not have the right to impose or imply such views. We canít pray in schools, you can hardly mention Godís name, but we can freely advertise abortion services?? What the heck has happened to this world??

Stephanie Ratliff