Source: Sherman Publications

Interim building offical

June 01, 2011

While Independence Township Building Director Dave Belcher is out on a 60 day suspension, township trustees voted 4-1 for Carlisle/Wortman Associates to cover his duties.

Trustee Mark Petterson voted against the motion because he was concerned the township would lose money. Carlisle will receive 85 percent of the township's plan review fees.

He said the township typically makes $1,500 per plan review.

"This is a very inopportune time during the height of construction season that would be a great benefit to the tax payers," Petterson said. "Maybe we could have moved (the 60 day suspension) to a more opportune time for us the board to where we (the township) were not losing so much money."

Township Planner Dick Carlisle said in a letter to Clerk Barbara Pallotta that subcontractor SAFEBuilt will provide interim building official and inspection duties.

SAFEBuilt charges $85 an hour. They are scheduled for three half-days a week at $340 per half day.