Source: Sherman Publications

Oxford police log

June 01, 2011

Monday, May 30 - Oakland County Sheriffs responded to the scene of a car fire on S. Lapeer Rd. near Market St. The driver of the vehicle said she could smell an odor coming from her vehicle and she saw smoke coming from behind her vehicle. After pulling to the side of the road and opening her hood, she could see flames in the engine near the dipstick. The woman told the responding officers she had a similar incident last week and her car just got back from the repair shop. The fire damage appeared to be contained in the engine department and dashboard, while the passenger compartment contained water damage.

*Oakland County Sheriff’s arrested a man for operating under the influence of narcotics after he was found slumped over the wheel of his vehicle at an establishment on Lapeer and Drahner Rd. The drivers speech was slurred and his eyes were pointed and fixed. The man was also sweating profusely and standing while being searched. While searching the vehicle, officers found a pill bottle containing a leafy substance appearing to be marijuana and some other narcotics. The driver indicated he passed out on the way back from his girlfriends house. After being medically cleared by the Oxford Fire Department, the man was transported to Doctors Hospital in Pontiac for bloodwork and then taken to Oakland County Jail without incident.

*Three dogs were reported to be locked inside a residence on Hosner Rd. and no one had been there for three days to let them out.

*Suspicious circumstance reported on Dennison. Four teenagers got into cars headed towards West St. When officers located the teens, three of them were taken back to the station and given citations for trespassing.

Sunday, May 29 - A man was arrested for allegedly spitting and choking his girlfriend on Danwood. When police were called, the man ran out of the residence, only to be located on Brentwood, west of the residence and transported back to the scene for questioning. The woman claimed they began arguing when he allegedly spit in her face and began to choke her before pushing her. The man claimed he did not choke her.

*Report of a domestic assault in a vehicle on Drahner and Pontiac St. The woman told officers her husband hit her in the head while they were coming back from a party. After she pulled over and got out of the car, her husband followed her, pushed her down and proceeded to walk away from the scene.

Saturday, May 28 - A resident at Crossroads for Youth ran away from the facility.

*An 18-year-old female was reported at the front door of a residence on Crawford St. The female was not supposed to be there and the resident wanted her to leave.

*A caller reported two men were talking very loud while walking along N. Washington. An officer located the males and advised them.

Friday, May 27 - A wire was reported down on Noble between Delano and Hosner.

Thursday, May 26 - Five chainsaws and two leafblowers were stolen from a unlocked storage trailer on Lincoln.

*Oakland County Sheriffs encountered a troublesome solicitor on Seymour Lake Rd. When they arrived, the solicitor and the home owner were in a verbal argument. The solicitor claimed to be from a telephone company, but when the home owner asked him to produce identification, the solicitor said he did not have any on him. After checking with the telephone company, who told the home owner they did not have anyone in that area, the police were called. The man started to act nervous, claiming he had a permit from the township. Officers asked to see the permit, but the man claimed it in his car. Officers informed the man the township did not issue permits to solicitors, he claimed the officers were lying to him and he did in fact have a permit. He then proceeded to take an offensive stance, making the officer believe he was either going to get attacked or the man would flee. The officer asked the solicitor to sit in the back of the squad car and the officer wrote a ticket for soliciting without a permit.

Tuesday, May 24 - A 16-year-old male ran away from his home on Fountian View Lane after he got into an argument with his mother about washing dishes.

*Someone drove a golf cart into a retention pond on Metamora Rd. There were no suspects at the time.