Source: Sherman Publications

Atlas Township firehall roof repair could top $60k

by David Fleet

June 01, 2011

Atlas Twp. - A leaking fire hall roof may soon be repaired.

The township board OK’d up to $60,000 for the removal and repair of the township fire hall which has been leaking for several years.

The project, which includes removal of the drywall and insulation, started about May 1 and should be completed by July 1, said Fred Forys, township fire chief. Cell foam and a suspended ceiling will be installed upping the R-value to 40.

“The leaking seems to has been from a lack of proper ventilation in the ceiling,” he said. “The problems with the building has been ongoing.”

After completion in 1993 the approximately 6,000 square-foot structure has undergone several extensive repairs due to leaking from the roof. Forys said the roof has been repaired three times since it was built. Including a major roof replacement that was completed in 2005.

About six years ago, the fire hall roof was put up for bid, as engineers determined the building may not support the previously bid coat-and-seal solution, according to township records.

About $75,000 was spent on the project at that time, said Forys.

A special township meeting was held May 23 to approve an additional $10,000 for the repairs.