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Yearbook:When teens become pregnant itís a problem

June 01, 2011

Dear Editor,

(In response to Brandon yearbook ad sparks controversy, The Citizen, May 28, page 4)

BHS yearbook adviser accepted the Oxford Problem Pregnancy Center ad to fund a costly project. If there was an underlying message, good for her!

Babies are not a blessing to all. When teenagers become pregnant, itís a problem. Thatís why centers are called ďproblem pregnancyĒ centers.

Fact: High numbers of kids are sexually active and donít hear most of what their parents tell them even if prevention is taught at home. Also, due to parental opinion, kids are often uncomfortable speaking with parents about sexual choices.

Furthermore, with our often black and white views, objecting to offerings of pregnancy choices has potentials to destroy a sector of society that many are unfamiliar with.

Many females are subjected to sexual abuse that often results in unintended pregnancy. If the abuse does not result in pregnancy, from experience, I tell you an abuse victimís sexual health decisions are, forevermore, subconsciously altered. Abused females have a strong potentials to experiment at young ages. Their experimentation is not healthy and is not the result of conscious thought. We would hope that victims recover to make solid partner and contraception choices but are commonly unable to. Problem pregnancy centers and their advertisement reach otherwise inaccessible females. It is at these centers that they get much needed help with pregnancy and the resources to make better life decisions.

What has happened in our world is that we make judgments based on our own experiences and some of us have limited experience in relation to the opinions we form.

Tina Ayala