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Wendi’s Word A column by Wendi Reardon
Dream big

June 08, 2011

If you hadn't heard the news here is the awesome, fabulous bit of information – the Clarkston High School Girls Varsity tennis team has made Clarkston history.

They took Midland by storm to claim the MHSAA Division 1 State Championship and three players won individual championships – freshman Lexi Baylis, junior Katie Brozovich, and senior Kristina Lucas.

Every team begins the season with the same dream no matter what the sport, the payoff for all their hard work and training – the state championship trophy.

The Lady Wolves had the same dream and put their drive towards it. They put their mind to it, knocking down competition in tournaments and league matches, taking it step by step to their main goal.

Another cause for celebration – graduation was Monday night.

But before the Clarkston High School seniors walked across the stage at DTE they had another special ritual – the senior walk.

I think it is special. I have tried to recall doing the same thing at my high school but all I can remember about my last day is picking up my cap and gown. Nothing like this.

The seniors made their last walk through the high school on June 1, their last day of school. They picked up their caps and gowns and, starting from the gym, walked throughout the hallways.

To make it an even more special day, lower classmen, parents, grandparents, family and friends line the hallways as they say goodbye to the last days in Clarkston Community Schools.

The first day of school in preschool or Kindergarten, they were probably clutching onto their moms, resisting being dropped off and beginning the next step in life. Fast forward to high school and they are ready to for the next step.

Congratulations to the Class of 2011. You made it!

Tips as you move on to college – dream big! It starts as a dream, turns into a goal and before you know it, you did it. Look at the Lady Wolves tennis team.

Another tip, especially for those heading off to college, be wary of the vending machines and late night snacking. Both may sound good at the time, but they aren't. Remember, Freshman 15 it is not an urban myth.