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Seniors’ summer starts, graduation Friday

June 08, 2011

By Katelyn Crain

Lake Orion Review Intern

In just one week from Friday, area beaches will be packed and fastfood drive-thrus will be lined up with cars. Everyone knows what this means -- summertime is here, kids are counting down, and school will be out!

However, the Seniors of Lake Orion High School don’t have to wait until June 17 for their classes came to an end. For them summer vacation began this week. Approximately, 530 students will graduate from Lake Orion High School on Friday. The ceremony will be held at Meadowbrook beginning at 7 p.m.

In addition, 28 students from the Adult Education and Learning Options High School will graduate as well. This ceremony is on Thursday, at 7:30 p.m. in the Lake Orion High School Performing Arts Center

The 2010-2011 school year was a successful and memorable year for many of the 7,726 students.

About 3,332 students make up the elementary school population within Lake Orion’s community. Although this number is large, the community offers seven different elementary schools to choose from. These schools include Blanche Sims, Carpenter Year Round, Orion Oaks, Paint Creek, Pine Tree, Webber, and Stadium drive elementary school of the arts.

The middle schools’ population this school year was 1,866 students in the three middle schools -- Oakview, Scripps, and Waldon.

The number of high schoolers this year was 2,528. These students make up the population of Lake Orion and Learn Options high schools.

Throughout the year, word has been shared between these students when “Mother Nature” decided they all needed a day off. Due to inclement weather, the majority of the schools within the community had five days of canceled classes. However, two buildings had six days of school canceled due to a power outage.

According to Nancy Limback, who is the Enrollment Coordinator in the district, the state allows up to six days and the corresponding hours of instruction to be “forgiven” in a school year. In other words, Lake Orion just made the cut for no rescheduled school days.

Whether or not the students have to make up canceled days, there is a state requirement that must be meant. It’s mandatory for schools to hold class for 165 days and have 1,098 hours of instruction in a year.

June arrives, the majority of students get the summer off to relax and use their time for what they wish. Even so, there are still some students who don’t have that choice.

Summer School is available for students in sixth through twelfth grade. It runs from June 20 to July 15. All courses are at Lake Orion High School.

Soon enough, the summer that all students wait for will wind down and the fall will sneak back. School will begin for the 2011-12 school year on September 6, just three months away.