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Letter to the editor
Landfill decision stinks

June 08, 2011

Dear Editor,

Representatives of the Eagle Valley Landfill claim that they could have expanded that landfill without the permission from Orion Township Board. However, the 1991 Consent Judgment agreed upon by Orion Township, Oakland County and Waste Management when the landfill was expanded in 1991, was iron clad. The only way the landfill could be expanded was through the consent of the Orion Township Board.

House Bill No. 4760, which repealed the ability of a host community to object to an expansion of a landfill, required that 3 years of landfill capacity remain before the action could take place. Eagle Valley has at least 9 years (some speculate the real number is 16 years) left of landfill capacity. Even if the landfill could be expanded when 3 years of capacity remained, it could only be expanded for a period of 8 additional years not the 30 years of expansion the Eagle Valley now plans to add. That House Bill also defers to Host Community Agreements.

On April 18, on the advice of legal counsel and then Supervisor Matt Gibb, the Orion Township Board was encouraged to vote to amend the 1991 Consent Judgment, thus destroying the original power of the document, because Eagle Valley would sue if they did not. It is my belief that the Orion Township Board was given inaccurate information on which to base their vote. I, therefore, question whether their vote was valid.

The quality of life and the property values of Orion Township home owners will be severely impacted by the expansion of Eagle Valley . The careless, arrogant nature of the stealth vote that took place on April 18, 2011 by the Orion Township Board that expanded the Eagle Valley Landfill without a public hearing and without being posted as a landfill agenda item is the worse example of political gamesmanship I have ever witnessed. Those who arranged for this vote to happen should hang their heads in shame.

Mary Ann Ryan