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School News
Students learn importance of service

June 08, 2011

Springfield Plains Elementary students spent the entire day on May 17 thinking about why they should help others and how they could.

The students participated in 23 workshops and three assemblies, each showing the students the importance of service. All were also hands-on projects and activities to inspire.

Some of the the activities including video taping messages for troops, exploring emergency response vehicles, taking care of rescued animals, and thinking of ways to solve global issues like hunger and clean water.

As a thank you for participating in the Festival Day, the third and fourth graders in Mrs. Laing's class hand-painted picture frames for the presenters. Each frame included a photo from the special day.

The students also searched couch cushions, pockets and ransacked their piggy banks looking for spare change.

From May 2-17, they donated the spare change to help local organizations. It was a lesson to show them how just a little change could make a big difference.

They donated $824.24. Kindergarten, first grade and second grade classes raised $488.64. The upper grades, $335.60.

The money was divided among 12 of the nonprofit organizations who participated in Festival Day including:Clarkston SCAMP, Clarkston Historical Society, Clarkston Coalition for Youth, Springfield Township Parks & Recreation, Independence Township Senior Center, Bittersweet Farm, Gleaners Community Food Bank, Neighbor for Neighbor, Huron Clinton Metroparks, Faithful Friends Animal Rescue, Pontiac Police Department and Clinton River Watershed Council.