Source: Sherman Publications

Grads seek God’s guidance

by Andrew Moser

June 08, 2011

Trust God’s guidance for your life and make good choices were the messages given to seniors during the Baccalaureate Service at Oxford High School on Thursday, June 2.

OHS senior Mallory Skilling gave the keynote speech during the service, saying they don’t need each and every answer to life’s questions because God has a plan for them.

“We don’t always have to have the answers, even if we think we need them now because God has made a plan for us,” she said. “His plan is to prosper us...and give us hope for the future, not to harm us.”

She added the responsibility does fall on them to trust God with his plan.

“We need to trust Him with all of our hearts and lean not our own understanding,” she said.

“If we trust God’s guidance and we ask for God’s guidance in prayer and when God does come along and finally show us whatever his plan is for us...we need to recognize it and humbly follow it,” she added.

Pastor Larry Hayward of Christ the King Community Church in Oxford, told the seniors they were going to begin making a few more difficult choices in their lives.

“At the start of your life, you did not have many choices. Those people that raised you were making all the choices for you, and between then and now, it shifted to where you are making a lot more of the choices,” Hayward said.

He challenged them to make good choices and told them if they needed help to not be afraid to seek advise of those who have gone before them.

“Will you seek wise council; will you talk with some people that have gone on the road of life before you and perhaps have more experience than you and have made some good choices,” Hayward said.

In addition to messages from Skilling and Hayword, the service included an original piece from senior Eric Paruszkiewicz entitled The Mirror of Galadriel, which he composed himself.

Senior Ashley Darocha read a poem thanking the parents for their time and dedication they spent with them, while senior Jennifer Flanagan performed a lyrical dance to Your Hand in Mine.

Seniors Andrew Krzsnik and Samantha Murphy, Oxford Community Schools Board Member Kim Shumaker, OHS teacher Joe Zmikly and Pastor Kevin Cook of Christ the King Church all read the Baccalaureate Litany.