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Tea in the Garden showcased school’s new art

June 15, 2011

By Olivia Shumaker

Special Writer for The Review

On Thursday, June 9, a variety of art forms, from cake to sculpture to garden art, were brought together at the Lake Orion High School Art Club’s Tea in the Garden. The tea was held to showcase the year’s new additions to the sculpture garden, which include a marble sculpture, a tiled tiger, welded metal flowers, and four Winterstone sculptures.

Art Club also received a wide variety of donations this year to develop the garden portion of the sculpture garden. The donation starting the year off came from the local Home Depot, which gave a generous variety of perennials and tools to help improve the garden part of the project.

All progress in the sculpture garden, and other Art Club endeavors, was paid for, “though fund-raising and grants,” said Melissa Wilson, Art Club’s sponsor. “We received a big grant through the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and service learning grants.”

Students were responsible for the creation, completion and installation of all sculptures for the sculpture garden, as well as planting and maintaining flowers, perennials and shrubs donated to the garden.

“I’m really proud of my students and all of the extra work they’ve put in above and beyond the school day, as well as many community members, artists, and my family,” said Wilson.

It seems worth mentioning that somewhere along the way, the sculpture garden also acquired a wild bird, a killdeer, who made her nest at the foot of a shrub. This killdeer made it her occupation to squawk and glare at everyone who came into the garden. For the sake of preventing heart failure, a sign was made warning wanderers not to come too close to her nest.

Among the various attendees to Tea in the Garden were the high school principal, Sophia Layayette, assistant principal, Bev Tepper, superintendent of schools, Marion Ginopolis, assistant superintendent, Heidi Klast and various faculty members. Art Club members were also in attendance, as well as a few Lake Orion High School alumni who created pieces currently in the garden.

All in attendance were very grateful that the rain held off long enough for the Tea in the Garden to go as planned. Thankfully, the grey skies alone did not deter any visitors or take away from the beauty of the flowers and art.

Planners of Tea in the Garden also found themselves delighted by the beautifully timed appearance of the roses and peonies, in perfect bloom for the visitors.

Tea in the Garden was an event which allowed faculty members and supporters to take a look at the precious niche of the sculpture garden.

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