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Springfield Township
June 9, 2011 SYNOPSIS

June 15, 2011


June 9, 2011 SYNOPSIS

CALL TO ORDER: 7.30 p.m. by Supervisor Trout






a) Approved Minutes: May 12, 2011 Regular Meeting with bills and additional disbursements of $197,095.24

b) Accepted May 2011 Treasurer’s Report

c) Received May 2011 Monthly Reports: Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Ordinance, Police, Fire, CDBG, Assessing, IT and Comp Time Report

d) Authorized payment of bills as amended, totaling $40,131.34

e) Approved payment of annual membership dues to MTA, in the amount of $5,417

f) Authorized $3,000 contribution for 2011 to Andersonville Cemetery Association

g) Approved request from HAYA for 2011 contribution in the amount of $2,000

h) Approved invoice from Schleade Hampton Associates in the amount of $3,590

i) Approve the Resolution to participate in Oakland County’s Urban County Community Development Block Grant programs for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014

j) Approved Resolutions and certificates recognizing the two retiring principles, Barbara Bloom and K.C. Leh, who have served our community with honor and distinction

PUBLIC HEARINGS: Industrial Development District – IBC North America: Open 7:53, No Comments Received, Closed 7:54



1. Establishment of Industrial Development District – IBC North America: Adopted Resolution 2011-5 subject to applicant applying for a proper split and combination so that the building is located on one parcel and further providing a metes and bounds legal description of building at 4750 Clawson Tank

2. Solicitors Ordinance – Discussion: Set Ordinance for First Reading

3. Failure to Maintain Control of Dogs – Amendment to Section 5.07 of Omnibus Criminal Ordinance: Set Amendment for First Reading

4. General Fund Budget Amendment – Elections, Expenditures: Increased Election cost center $11,000 to $14,700 and decreased contingency $11,000 to $23,000. Total General Fund Expenditures remain at $1,849,550. General Fund Revenues are unchanged at $1,851,300

5. Appoint Liaison to Holly Area Youth Assistance Board: Appointed Clerk Laura Moreau as Township Board Liaison

6. Approve Fireworks Display Permit: Approved permit contingent on applicant purchasing and providing documentation of Certificate of Insurance

7. Tree Trimming and Removal – Davisburg Cemetery and Lumberyard Property: Authorized tree trimming and removal at Davisburg Cemetery and awarded bid to Arbor View Tree Service, cost not to exceed $1,900 and further authorized tree trimming and removal at “lumberyard” property and awarded bid to Arbor View Tree Service for a one day rate as outlined in the bid cost not to exceed $1,600

8. Endowment Fund Discussion: Moved that Springfield Township Board express its general consent to entering into agreements for the creation of an endowment fund as outlined in the draft agreement as provided by the Springfield Site Action Committee with the understanding that revisions would be required before the establishment of the fund

9. River Church: Tabled request for reduction of building permit fees

PUBLIC COMMENT: Cliff Powell, the River Church, expressed his frustration at the Board for tabling his request and indicated that the list of outstanding items for the building permit is not accurate.

Steve Forney, 8740 Waumegah Lake Rd, expressed disappointment in how the Board is working for his Church – The River

Caleb Combs, The River Church, stated that he is anxious to begin using the activity building and just wants to know what’s needed

John Sanchez, 4497 Red Oak, Waterford also stated frustration with Township for getting building permit

William Sash, 10086 King Rd, commented about the building lights at 9861 Dixie Highway and his efforts to have light shielded or removed

Jim Miller, 1196 King Rd, commented that the lights at 9861 Dixie Highway have already been addressed and are not in violation

ADJOURNMENT: 9:43 pm Published: June 15, 2011 Laura Moreau, Clerk