Source: Sherman Publications

FISH honors Advocates of Needy

by CJ Carnacchio

June 15, 2011

They’re not rich nor are they famous, but they are the backbone of the Oxford-Orion area because they help feed folks in need.

These generous and compassionate folks didn’t go looking for recognition, they didn’t seek the limelight, but they got it anyway last week as Oxford-Orion FISH held its annual “Advocate of the Needy” awards luncheon at the Lake Orion United Methodist Church.

Ten individuals were honored for their roles in helping FISH keep stomachs full of food and hearts full of hope.

This year’s honorees included:

Kelly Fuller and her children Josh, Alex and Sammy – Two years ago, they started working in the FISH pantry in Thomas (an unincorporated community in Oxford Twp.), helping with Forgotten Harvest and pitching in wherever else they were needed. Kelly took over as co-chair of the pantry about a year ago, but had to step down as the family was re-locating to the Greater Jackson area.

Waldon and Sue Streight – Always ready to assist FISH in any way they can, with or without being asked. They have served as representatives for King of Kings Lutheran Church; sold flowers; sorted, stocked and delivered food; and assisted the Heritage Place seniors three days a month for years.

Ann Avesian – She’s been a FISH office volunteer for four years and maintains the stock of office supplies. Whenever a substitute is needed in the office, she’s the one to call.

Deanna Klersy – For the last three years, this 15-year-old has volunteered with FISH. She’s worked Forgotten Harvest, stocked shelves and manned the pantry. She’s known for her bright smile, wild hair colors and enthusiastic attitude.

Pat Cavellier – Whether she’s working in the pantry or the office, she’s an extraordinary volunteer, who’s very adept at training new pantry volunteers. She also lends humor and friendship to the process of AngelFISH registration.

Dave Morden – Morden is the guy who loves to pitch in. He unloads the Forgotten Harvest truck, stocks shelves and picks up items from grocery stores and regular donors. When there’s an odd job to be done, FISH just asks Morden.