Source: Sherman Publications

New labor contract realistic

June 15, 2011

Dear Editor,

The Brandon Education Association has recently agreed to a new contract with Brandon Schools. We, the members of the BEA, believe the concessions we make in this contract (and they are deep and painful for all of us) are ultimately necessary. While we are not thrilled with the content of this contract, we are realistic. This district, like many around the state, is facing many economic challenges and the BEA staff believes it is essential to the continued growth and improvement of this district that we absorb these cuts and continue to be what you have come to depend on: dedicated and passionate educators who care deeply for your children.

While many of our members prepare to enroll in summer college classes or begin our summer jobs, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the community of Brandon for their support of this school district. We look forward to coming back in the fall and providing for your students the top-notch education that they deserve. Have a wonderful summer!

Nathan Odinga

and Brandon Education Association