Source: Sherman Publications

BHS grads tops at OCC

by Samantha Shelley

June 15, 2011

Two 2010 Brandon High School graduates and freshmen at Oakland Community College, Vanessa Bayley and Jessica Sherman, have shown their talent on the OCC softball team this season. Both girls started for the OCC softball team, propelling the team to win the MCCAA Regional tournament in Battle Creek and getting the chance to compete in the National tournament, held in Bloomington, Ill., in May.

The OCC softball team had a successful season, becoming the MCCAA Eastern Conference champions and competing at nationals, both a first for head coach Jamie Seaman. “We finished in first place in our conference. We knew we had to win regionals to go to nationals and that was our goal,” said Seaman.

The team did travel to nationals but did not return with a title. “We were knocked down in the first two games but I really think we did our best,” said Seaman. For their first match, the team played the number two team in the nation, losing 3-1. “I think we had a good game, we just played some really great teams,” she said. There were a total of sixteen division II community college teams from across the country at the national tournament.

Bayley and Sherman did well in their first year with Sherman playing third base and pitching and Bayley starting as shortstop the entire season. Bayley also ended up getting the First Team-All Conference title for her efforts.

Seaman has high hopes for her team in the coming years. “We will go just as far if not further next year. I can see them [Bayley and Sherman] being leaders and doing extremley well. They did awesome as freshman and are going to only excell more as sophomores,” she said.

The Division II colleges’ final conference stats were at 19 wins and 5 losses, beating the next best school in the conference by two wins.