Source: Sherman Publications

You’ll never know unless you try

June 22, 2011

By Katelyn Crain

Intern for The Review

Diana Ostrand’s got the right idea when it comes down to what she loves to do and how to pursue it. Her small downtown business, Accent on Art, has survived for 22 years and counting.

While most people think owning a business would be extremely difficult, to Ostrand, this work is simply something she enjoys.

“I’m an artist, I get to work with art,” Ostrand said. “I get to make things beautiful for people and that’s very rewarding.”

Accent on Art is a business that people can come to for help with custom framing. People will be walked through the process of what’s appropriate, and how different styles of framing will look in their homes.

As well as custom framing, Accent on Art also sells local artists work. All of these one-of-a-kind pieces have been made in Michigan.

Ostrand began her store in downtown Lake Orion with the help and support of her parents.

Since 1974, her family has lived in Lake Orion Village. Ostrand’s father was the proud owner of a shop called Orion Top and Cabinet, located in the exact building of her current business. Ostrand recalled that one day she really had the desire to open a picture frame shop. She told her father about this desire and he replied with, what she claims, the best advice of her life.

“My dad said, you’ll never know unless you try,” Ostrand said.

So with that guidance, Ostrand decided to go through with it. She owned a different store front; however she did her work in her father’s shop. In 1990, she moved her business to where her father’s store was.

“Along with my dad’s advice, my parents then backed it up by working with me; my dad for the next four years, and my mom for close to 20 years. I was fortunate; we grew up in a home where art was very much appreciated. ”

Not only has the support that Ostrand received from her family kept her business going, she also is tremendously grateful for her clients.

“Honestly, I have the most loyal customers, I just love them. Even people that have moved out of state when they come to visit their families, they’ll bring their framing with them,” Ostrand said. “It’s a personal kind of business- I get to watch families grow.”

Through the many years, Ostrand’s business has grown great amounts. With that, she has learned exceptionally valuable things, yet, there is one that continues to stick out in her mind.

“It’s about having faith in what you do and believing that this is God’s plan for me. You have to trust that and I think if you enjoy what you’re doing; it makes it a whole lot easier.”

With an outlook like Ostrand’s, it’s no wonder why her business has survived a long 22 years.