Source: Sherman Publications

Gingell appointed to Business Roundtable

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

June 22, 2011

Orion Township and Oakland County may soon have a bit more influence in Lansing’s Secretary of State offices.

Michael Gingell, Chairman of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners and Vice President of Corporate Development for Polk was recently offered a position on the newly formed “Business Roundtable.” Gingell said it was an honor to be asked by the roundtable’s creator, Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, and he was excited to accept.

“I’m looking forward to getting involved and seeing what we can do to help,” said Gingell. “Basically it’s a new forum created by (Johnson) with the purpose of bringing industry leaders together to review operations in (Johnson’s) office and help her run the office more efficiently.

“At the end of the day it also is an opportunity to really expand our relationships in the Secretary of State offices in Lansing.”

Johnson, who Gingell has known since she was the Oakland County Clerk, said she was interested in the governmental experience Gingell has, in addition to his industry experience. The “roundtable,” with consists of 13 business leaders from across Michigan serves more as an advisory board rather than a legislative authority, but attempts to guide Secretary of State decisions for greater efficiency.

“We are trying to change our thinking and the way we do business in Michigan, so it seemed fitting to announce this effort during the Detroit Regional Chamber’s ‘Era of Change’ discussion,” said Johnson, officially announcing the roundtable on June 3. “We want to work smarter, leaner and more efficiently. We are indebted to these men and woman, who are top in their fields, for the willingness to share their experience and wisdom as they assist us in streamlining operations, cutting costs and improving customer service.”

One of the first operations the roundtable will invest time in is the implementation of a new vehicle registration system, which will streamline the way drivers in Michigan renew their license plates. Johnson has been attempting to get the plan started for a number years.

Gingell believes the board will bring a balance to the office which may have lacked before.

“She’s working with the Secretary of State office, which gives her people who have governmental processes,” said Gingell. “The creation of this group gives her a chance to balance her ideas against the private sector.”