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'Indigo' author learns from life

June 29, 2011


Clarkston News Editor

Clarkston author Susan Topping tells the story of spiritual enlightenment through her son, in her book "Indigo Wisdom."

“In the current climate of upheaval and insecurity, my story should offer hope with the evidence that learning to just go with God’s plan is a lot more productive than fighting what we cannot control,” said Topping.

The book's title refers to her son, Gibson, one of a generation of "Indigo children" who grew up in the 1970s with health problems but also with spiritual and psychological gifts.

“I felt it was important to address the challenges to working within the traditional medical system when raising a sick child,” said Susan. “Our story might help others to learn to trust their own judgment.”

In her new book, she writes about her despair as a mother and the inner guidance she found that led her on an unconventional journey with the help of alternative medicine in Europe.

As Gibson grew up, he had to overcome a series of health issues conventional medicine could not treat. Susan sought alternative medicine in Europe, at the same time opening herself up to new spiritual possibilities.

"I started to recognize that there is more to this than me," she said. "All of a sudden, the universe is bigger. Life is bigger than just Sue Topping. It helps get you through the difficult times, to know you're not alone, that there’s help."

The book is helping a lot of people in a lot of different ways, she said.

"Parents who also have sick children read it and say they can relate to the pain and anguish of raising a special needs child, fighting the system," she said. "People raised as special needs relate to my son. Some who have given up on church feel need to go back. It’s amazing."

Susan has a bachelor’s degree in business, working in a variety of management positions before eventually pursuing a career in energy healing.

A graduate of the EnergyTouch School of Advanced Healing in Grand Rapids, Topping is a certified practitioner as well as a Reiki Master and owner of Wisdom Modalities, an energy healing practice.

She and Don, her husband of 38 years, have three grown children. This is her first book. For a follow-up, she wants to write a book about her experiences with spiritual healing.

"I've seen miracles, it’s humbling," she said.

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