Source: Sherman Publications

Meet Orion’s new Trustee

June 29, 2011

What Lake Orion gained in a new Township Supervisor it lost in a trustee, but that problem has been rectified.

Long time Orion resident Michael Flood has joined the Orion Township Board of Trustees as the seventh and newest, member of the board.

Flood first started getting involved in township government when he retired in 2006 from the auto industry. Once the opening for the supervisor opened, Flood became interested in running for a position, and while the supervisor’s position was available, Flood said he felt comfortable with either Crane or Van Tassel taking the position.

“I was pleased with Crane and Van Tassel getting the position - nothing against the other seven candidates because they were all qualified - but those two were more used to the current board,” said Flood. “I’ve been involved in our community all my life, but not as a public servant and when I heard the trustee position had become available, I went for it.”

Flood has lived in the Orion area all his life, like, he pointed out “numerous others in the community.” His first job was president of the Gingiville Community Center, followed by 10 years as a volunteer on the Orion Township Fire Department. Following time at Oakland Community College, Flood began working for General Motors as a High Pressure Boiler Operator, then attended Oakland University for a management training program.

More than anything, Flood believes he brings additional historic knowledge to the board. Also, because he’s worked in both the blue and white collar sectors, he feels he is in a good position to see both sides to certain arguments.

“I love the history in this area, and I’ve known all the civic leaders back for some time,” said Flood. “VanTassel knows her history, but I can go back further. I was brought up in this atmosphere, and I love this atmosphere.

“I’m a blue collar guy - I retired from GM skilled trades, yet my education is in both management and skilled labor. I’m familiar with both sides and I believe in fairness. I can work out a situation or problem better that way.”

Finally, Flood mentioned his core values, which include respecting one’s elders, believing a person’s word is their bond, and actions speak louder than words, though a person is always held accountable for their actions.

“That’s what was instilled in me by my family, and that’s what I instill on my family, said Flood.”

Flood was born in 1948, and worked at General Motors for 40 years. His term as trustee will expire November 2012, though he plans to run for election.

To contact Flood with any questions, concerns of suggestions, email him at