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Letter to the editor
Mom is worried, sad about townshipís landfill decision

June 29, 2011

Dear editor,

As a Lake Orion resident and mom, I was appalled when I read about the Orion Township boardís decision to allow the Eagle Valley landfill 53-acre expansion.

Yes, I was appalled, and now I am saddened, and disheartened, and worried. You see, I love my house, and I love living in Lake Orion. My family loves it here, too. We moved here five years ago and planned to stay.

However, with 25 more feet of landfill and 30 more years of landfill operation, I donít want to stay here anymore. My house is over two miles north of the landfill, but I donít want to live in a town with a mountain of garbage that will continue growing for 30 more years.

What about our well water, our lakes, our air quality, and of course, our property values?

We have suffered enough, said the prior township supervisor when I called him a couple of years ago with my concerns about the existing landfill and the expansion proposal. After talking with him, I felt hopeful that all would be done to close the landfill and deny the expansion.

I was wrong.

And now I am very sad, because I am living in a town where the elected officials have made a decision that is, in my opinion, devastating for Lake Orion, and all of its residents.

This is our home!! We donít want a landfill expansion! The landfill is already big enough! What can we do now? Move out?

A worried Lake Orion mom