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Letter to the editor
Rush’s ‘disjointed ramblings’ disagrees with her

June 29, 2011

Dear Editor,

The ending line of Don Rush’s June, 22, 2011 column was, “So, what was the point of this column?” What a pity that Don should feel compelled to print, once again, his disjointed ramblings.

His thinly veiled analogy of frogs getting killed on the safety path to cyclists on the road is a leap (no pun intended) of logic. Frogs are not governed by the law and do not have a sense or reasoning or logic. Humans, well, the majority (Don, the verdict is out on you), are governed by law and do have a sense of right and wrong. Cyclists are not throwing themselves on the path and purposefully jumping in harms way. They know the law. They are exercising (pun intended) their right to use the road.

Your columns, written under the cloak of the “right to free speech,” only serve to undermine the legally protected rights of citizens to cycle on the roads. Shame on you! What other legally protected rights would you like to take on? The right to vote? The right to freedom?

Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, the number of spandex-clad, road-hogging, talking-while-cycling (cause they are fit, and can do so) cyclists has steadily increased. Perhaps if you peddled a bike and actually had a little blood flowing to your cranial region (not going to surmise that their is any mass occupying that space), you could finally answer your own question from years gone by . . . “So, what was the point of this column?”

Veronica J.