Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to the editor
Youíll never know unless you try

June 29, 2011

Dear Editor,

What a delightful article by your almost paid intern (Youíll never know unless you try, June 22, 2011)! Although it seems easy to write nice things about Diana, her wonderful business and fabulous attitude, it simply isnít done enough in local news. Kudos to this young lady for such a positive, well written piece promoting one of Lake Orionís best businesses. I hope Sherman Publications can do better than Ďalmostí when she finishes her degree.

Janet Hartman

Editorís Note: Janet we are very fortunate to have Katelyn. We have just one correction for you, she is not our Almost Paid Intern, she is our Nearly Unpaid Intern! Thanks for noticing, we are sure her academic adviser will get a copy of this letter!