Source: Sherman Publications

Oxford lays off four part-time teachers

by Andrew Moser

June 29, 2011

Four part-time teachers for Oxford Community Schools received layoff notices, effective June 10, as a result of changing enrollments needs and shifting schedules.

The arts seemed to have the biggest hit, as both Oxford High School and Leonard Elementary lost a part-time art instructor. The high school also lost a part-time automotive instructor and graphic arts video media instructor.

Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources Nancy Latowski said the layoffs were not due to budget cuts, but a combination of enrollment levels and scheduling at the high school.

“Every year we evaluate the staffing needs based on the enrollment, based on the classes that are offered and the schedule,” Latowski said.

“As we looked at the high school schedule, we did go to a different schedule for next year, and that did change some of the staff needs and so forth, based on enrollment and the schedule,” she added. “It really was a function that we do every year in regard to reviewing our needs.

Latowski said even with the loss of the basic auto class instructor, the auto program was still growing and was going to be as strong as ever.

“Because of the new schedule, there was not the need for an additional (auto) teacher,” she said.

She added the district did look at the possibility of placing the instructors at different buildings throughout the district instead of laying them off, but they were unable to be reassigned due to the level of certifications and qualifications of each individual part-time instructor.

According to Latowski, the two part-time art instructors and the graphic arts media video instructor were hired last year, while the auto instructor had been with the district for the past three years.

“The teachers served us very well and they would be on a layoff list, which means they are eligible for a recall to a position (for) which they are qualified as soon as possible,” she said.

She noted the elementary art teacher was offered a position to teach art at St. Joseph Catholic School in Lake Orion.