Source: Sherman Publications

Oxford police log

June 29, 2011

Monday, June 27 - A caller on Quail Ridge stated juveniles in a Ford Explorer were throwing objects out the vehicles window and breaking windows out of parked cars.

*A caller on Broadway said she was hearing construction equipment and jack hammers running during the early morning hours. She was advised Consumers Energy was working on a gas leak in the area of Glaspie and Broadway.

*A caller stated a dog at a residence on Center St. was continually barking for hours during the early morning and it was an ongoing problem. The officer advised the dog owner, which was the second of the week, that another complaint would result in a citation.

*Some storage shed doors were vandalized on Glaspie St.

*Possible operating while intoxicated was reported on N. Washington. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

*A bike was stolen on Pearl.

Sunday, June 26 - While on patrol, Oakland County Sheriff’s noticed a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot on N. Lapeer Rd. It was away from other vehicles in a well lit area with fogged up windows. After the deputy put his spotlight on the vehicle, two teenagers, one male and one female, popped their heads up and scrambled to put some clothes back on. The deputy asked if they had any alcohol or drugs in the vehicle, which they denied. The deputy requested to search the female’s purse, and discovered what appeared to be two Vicodin and Xanax inside an eyeglasses case. The girl admitted they were hers, even though she did not have a prescription for them. She claimed to have gotten them from a friend and her mother. The deputy confiscated the pills and advised the male and female not to do what they were doing in a public place again.

*A man on Newman reported malicious destruction of property to his and his neighbors mailbox.

*A large brush fire was reported at an address on Foreland and Teelin.

Saturday, June 25 - Deputies from Oakland County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to a home on Chinkapin Rill for a loud noise complaint. Upon arriving at the home, the deputies could hear the music over their patrol car. After knocking on the door, an 18-year-old male answered and appeared to have been consuming intoxicants. The male admitted to drinking, so deputies ordered him and everyone else out of the residence. When only a male, 15, came to the door, deputies asked if anyone else was in the home. The first male came back with two 17-year-old females, who smelled of intoxicants. The male told deputies they were the only ones in the residence, even though one deputy heard a third male voice. Deputies entered the residence and began searching it and discovered a third female, 14 and a male, 17, who were both unresponsive, a marijuana plant and a grow light. One of the 17-year-old females was taken to the hospital for medical treatment. The three 17-year-olds, along with the 14-year-old female and 15-year-old male were cited for minor in possession of alcohol, while the 18-year-old was released pending charges from the prosecutors office.

*A caller on Glaspie St. reported her husband was very intoxicated. When an officer arrived at the residence, the man began to get combative and was taken to Oakland County Jail.

*A caller on Louck reported hearing possible fireworks coming from the Polly Ann Trail.

Friday, June 24 - A woman reported an unknown individual entered her unlocked vehicle and stole $15.

*A man reported some loose change and a GPS unit was taken from his vehicles, but the golf clubs and laptop computer were untouched.

*Village officers received word about a possible driver operating under the influence of liquor on S. Lapeer Rd.

*A juvenile was found to be in possession of alcohol and marijuana on Lakeville Rd.

Thursday, June 23 - A man on Doral reported $3,200 worth of credit card fraud.

*A caller informed an officer about harassing phone calls from an unknown individual.

*A accident between a car and a jeep was reported on N. Lapeer Rd. No injuries were reported.

*Some fire pit stones were taken from a residence on Mechanic St.

*Officers checked the area of Broadway and Glaspie St. for a car horn that kept going off.

*Car accident on S. Lapeer Rd. and W. Drahner. No injuries were reported.

Wednesday, June 22 - Two male residents ran away from Crossroads for Youth.

*A woman on Pleasant reported her neighbor was being loud and annoying. When officers arrived, everything seemed quiet.

*Some prescription pads were reported missing from an establishment on S. Washington. They were later found.

*A citizen on Lakes Edge Dr. told officers he was approached by a man collecting scrap metal while he was putting out his garbage. The citizen did not like the solicting. Officers were able to locate the vehicle and advise the man not to solicit citizens.

Tuesday, June 21 - Oakland County Sheriff’s took a report of a male and female stealing nearly $100 worth of merchandise from an establishment on S. Washington that occurred on Monday, June 13.

*Oakland County Sheriff’s were dispatched to Hummer Lake Rd. near Deerwood Manor for a male patient who was missing from a group home. Canine units were called in to search the area around the home, but the man could not be found. After deputies labeled the man as a missing person, the male was found sleeping in closet at the group home.

*An instance of trespassing was reported on S. Washington. A Dodge Ram was reported to have backed up to an establishment in order to go swimming in Scripter Park.

*The Oxford Police Department assisted the Lake Orion Police Department with a loud boat complaint.