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Jim's Jottings
Observations and realizations of little note

by Jim Sherman, Sr.

July 06, 2011

The rising cost of a gallon of gasoline has wrought opposite reactions to drivers. There are those who drive slower and coast to stops at signs and lights.

Then there is the majority of drivers who don’t consider the cost, don’t fear the hereafter and insist on being ahead of whatever and whoever is ahead of them.

It’s a “cost be-damned, my taxes paid for this road and my time is very important” attitude.

Well, folks, newspapers have space on their pages for all. There’s the police and accident reports, and there is the obituary columns.

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During my active fishing life I’ve bought lures for walleye, bass, perch and salmon. My mother took me fishing when I was less than 10, and we had a pole, line, hook and worms.

With buddies I’ve fished in big lakes, small lakes and rivers. They might have said, “Let’s go catch some pike” or whatever.

Never in all my years has anyone suggested we go “tilapia” fishing.

I swear every restaurant these days has tilapia on their menu. I don’t know what a tilapia is so I’ve never ordered it.

I’ve come to the conclusion tilapia is part of a political campaign speech, a conservative or liberal word for health care initiatives, a misspelling on the teleprompter or something from India that Gandhi couldn’t get past in the United Nations.

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“A small town is where everyone knows whether the wife should have been beaten.” -- S. Cook.

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I’m convinced schools of “higher learning” have courses for the airwave-media hopefuls that teach both the weather and news reporters from the same text.

Tragedies, quakes, storms, killings, raids, violence, etc., are the leads. Somewhere along the line tragedies are a “might,” quakes are deep tremors and storms are iffy.

However, killings, raids and violence are only hidden because they are so repetitive. We see and hear them featured with every newscast and “news bulletin.”

We are calloused!

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Oh, there are so many ways for me to play this tune. During the ceremony prior to the showing of the U.S. Open golf tournament on June 21, NBC omitted the words “under God” from the pledge.

They apologized, but so did Chris Wallace for asking Michele Bachmann,.” Are you a flake?”

NBC, Channel 4, is not the first button on my clicker I touch for local news. Channel 7 is. Four leans so far left they could fall to three.

Who was running the teleprompter, word streamer or control room when this blatant disrespect to our nation took place?

I suppose, in keeping with tv’s frightful exaggerations, the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Gaddafi or el nina could be blamed.

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• In Italian, “ah choo” is “ecci ecci.”

• A pack-a-day smoker will lose approximately two teeth every ten years.

• Miss Piggy’s measurements are 27-30-32.

• Where was the first Roman candle invented? China.

• Cats almost never meow at other cats. (They save that for humans.)

This is important stuff, folks! Remember it.