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Eliseís Entries A column by Elise Shire
Change OK

July 13, 2011

Itís moving time once again for my family and I.

Change seems to get easier the more times you go through it. This move has been stirring memories of our first major move three years ago.

The first time we moved was from Clarkston to Laguna Beach, Calif., three years ago.

Being 17 at the time, the move was pretty traumatic for me.

I had lived in Clarkston for the majority of my life at that point. It felt like the end of the world to me and I never imagined that I would be happy again. Starting over completely is a very scary experience.

I spent the first five months mourning the loss of my life in Michigan.

My days consisted of going to school and coming home, with not much in between. My social life only seemed to exist on the internet and over the phone.

Things didnít change until I got my first job at a smoothie shop. It was there that I met my first official friend, Kristin.

Kristin invited me to many of the group activities she took part in and showed me some of the cooler places in California.

Much to my surprise, I began to enjoy myself and my new life in California. It had taken me six months, but I had finally learned to embrace change.

When my mom received a better job offer back in good old Clarkston a year later, it was bittersweet news for me.

It was the return that I had hoped for at the beginning of the year, but at a time where I had changed so much.

I was sad to say good-bye to all of the people I had met and the fun times that I had there, but happy to say hello to my old friends from Michigan when I returned.

As I sit here, two years after my move from California, I am a different person.

Iím facing a much smaller move, as this move will simply be down the street. Even so, I will be moving out of the house that Iíve lived in since I was nine (besides, the year I lived in California).

Yet, Iíve learned to embrace change. Iíve learned that it doesnít matter what happens in life or how much you lose, there will always be happiness somewhere around the corner.