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Interviews for interim supervisor

July 20, 2011

Springfield Township Board narrowed supervisor candidates from 14 down to eight, with interviews set this and next week.

Candidates include Marc J. Cooper, former trustee; Virginia Fischbach; Roger Lamont, township trustee; William Leddy, planning commissioner; George Mansour, developer; Collin Walls, former supervisor of 32 years; Neil Willson, planning commissioner; and Paul Zelenak.

Interviews are set for July 19 and July 25, starting at 6 p.m. at Springfield Township Offices, 12000 Davisburg Road.

The Township Board has a deadline of Aug. 11 to appoint a new supervisor or the state will call for a special election.

Former Supervisor Mike Trout vacated the post, June 14.

The interim supervisor will serve out the term, which will be up for a vote in next year’s regular election.