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Letter to the editor
Parent willing to pay for sports

July 27, 2011

Dear Editor,

Regarding "Questions about pay-to-play fee," July 6: as a former collegiate athlete and parent of two student athletes, I do believe requiring a pay-to-participate fee, which contributes to covering the cost of Clarkston Athletics, is unfortunate but reasonable.

Undoubtedly $325 will be a burden to some, but for varsity athletes in Clarkston sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, and volleyball, it pales in comparison to the thousands spent on nearly requisite travel team and development programs.

Michigan public schools are not required to provide athletic programs outside of mandated physical education classes. With reduced local property tax receipts and per pupil funding cuts from the state, I believe it prudent to reduce or eliminate athletic expenditures rather than those affecting core, academic areas.

European and Asian countries with which we compete for jobs don't offer athletics as part of their education systems at all; these cultures prioritize academics. I appreciate athletics for physical benefit, character development and entertainment, but I too, value education above all else.


Cheryl McNeil

Independence Township