Source: Sherman Publications

Text presented for Lakeville Cemetery historical marker

by Andrew Moser

July 27, 2011

Lakeville Cemetery’s historical marker is one step closer to completion.

Text for their Michigan Historical Marker sign was presented to the Addison Twp. Board of Trustees during their meeting on Monday, July 20.

Upon reviewing the text, the board came to an agreement to table approving the wording for the marker in order for revisions to be made.

The first draft of the text stated, “The first burial in the cemetery dates from 1843. Ernest Mann, in 1843, donated one acre of his land, in section 34, to the Township for use as a cemetery. Since 1910, the Lakeville Cemetery Auxiliary has been the steward of the cemetery and it’s history. The oldest grave marker in the cemetery is for Pvt. Derrick Hulick (1759-1843); he was a soldier in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. He died in the spring of 1843 at the age of 84. He is the only Revolutionary War soldier buried in the tri-township area of Addison, Orion and Oxford.”

The Lakeville Cemetery Auxiliary approved the text at a special executive meeting on Wednesday, June 29.

Township Supervisor Bruce Pearson said he did like the wording, but he wanted to make sure it was grammatically correct.

“When we spend all this money to have this done, I want to make sure we have the periods and commas are where they are supposed to be and the words are right,” Pearson said.

Pearson proposed asking an English teacher or principal from the school district to check their grammar.

In addition to checking grammar, Pearson also proposed changing the ending of the text to say Hulick was one of a number of Revolutionary War soldiers buried in Oakland County instead of saying he was the only soldier buried in the tri-township area.

He said changing it to Oakland County would have the potential to spark some educational opportunities for people who read the sign.

Pearson noted he was going to check with a professor at Oakland University to verify the number of Revolutionary War soldiers buried in Oakland County.

Trustee Linda Gierak also supported at revision.

“I personally think it could be revised a little bit too because it is sort of redundant with the first sentence being the first burial (and having) the oldest grave,” she said.