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My Way
My Way
Thereís no respect for other peopleís property anymore

by CJ Carnacchio

August 03, 2011

Over the last few weeks, Oxfordís experienced two incidents of senseless vandalism, one involving private property, the other concerning public property.

The first occurred on July 22-23 at Koenig Sand & Gravel on Lakeville Rd.

Some destructive idiot (or idiots) smashed up trucks belonging to lifelong Oxford resident and businessman Jeff Acton, then proceeded to trash the interior of the Koenig office.

The second occurred last week when some malicious bonehead (or boneheads) pried Centennial Parkís soldier statue off of its base and left in laying on the ground like a piece of garbage (see story on Page 3).

The individual or individuals responsible for these mindless acts have yet to be identified and brought to justice. Make no mistake, whoever is responsible for these crimes is loathsome and contemptible.

They cost two local businesses thousands of dollars which they can ill afford in this troubled economy and they disrespected the memories of the 44 fallen soldiers represented by that statue.

Based on past experiences, my guess is kids are probably responsible for both crimes.

If that turns out to be the case, itís inevitable that someone out there will pen a letter to the editor about how kids do bad things like this because theyíre bored and thereís just nothing for them to do around here.

It will probably end with a call to build a skate park, a teen center or some other taxpayer-financed playpen.

I really hate the argument that vandalism is the result of boredom and that we as a community have a responsibility to open our wallets and keep these kids occupied.

Vandalism is not the product of boredom.

Vandalism is the direct result of poor parenting, poor decisions and the overall lack of discipline in this ďif it feels good, do itĒ world.

Growing up in Detroit and Eastpointe in the 1980s and early 1990s, there were plenty of times my friends and I got bored, particularly during the summer.

But believe it or not, we didnít smash windows, we didnít spray paint things and we didnít destroy other peopleís property for poops and giggles.

Why? Because we knew it was wrong Ė and we were deathly afraid of our parents.

No one had to bribe us with fancy youth facilities to keep us from sacking the neighborhood like crazed Vikings on a drunken rampage.

Thatís not to say we didnít get into our fair share of trouble, but we never violated the law.

I sincerely hope the Oakland County Sheriffís Department and Oxford Village Police catch these vandals and they are punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Parents, talk to your kids about vandalism. Explain to them that itís a crime, not a harmless prank. Explain to them why itís important to respect other peopleís property.

Citizens, keep your eyes open. If you see something suspicious, no matter how seemingly insignificant, immediately report it to the police. Letís put a stop to this.