Source: Sherman Publications

Whatís next for Goodrich?

August 03, 2011

Dear Editor,

Integrity is a virtue we all admire. Walk as you talk. Follow through on commitments. Do whatís right. Easy to say, but not always easily done. After next week, weíll have another council seated; our third in nine months. During that time, partisan politics have pretty much stalled any real progress. Can we possibly hope that the new council will put our residents first and honestly listen to and consider each otherís ideas and thinking?

Many things have been put in place over the years that have served us well. That doesnít mean that we shouldnít look at new ideas. Letís not forget that what we have now was also something new at one time. Certainly due to poor economic conditions, we have many residents struggling to make ends meet. This isnít some pie in the sky comment; this is reality. The council would do well to look at other communities that are faring well, despite the economy, as references. Ortonville has been widely held as doing the best job of moving forward. Birmingham has also improved their situation in recent months. We would do well to look at their models for ideas.

Finally, in last Novemberís election, our voters asked for a review of our village operations; what are we doing best and where can we improve. I am hoping sincerely that the new council will finally put aside the special interest politics and respond by getting this done.

Jerry Kaczperski