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Letter to the editor
Landfill issue revs up readerís wait for election

August 10, 2011

Dear Editor,

As you probably know, Waste Management (WM) sent out certified letters to all of the citizens who live around the landfill.

The letter included a proposal to compensate homeowners in the event they were unable to sell their home due to the Eagle Valley expansion. The compensation offer didnít seem to be any great deal but I decided to sign it anyway. It wasnít easy.

It required signatures from two witnesses and a notary. In addition to signing it, I also crossed out one sentence. That sentence basically said I had to be at WMís beckon call for support.

To my surprise, WM rejected the contract due to the single sentence being crossed out. They claim this wording was agreed upon with Orion Township. Itís another clear sign that WM and anyone from Orion Township who approved the expansion is not concerned with the well being of the citizens of Orion Township. They are trying to coerce us into being pawns of WM.

I canít wait until election.

Eric Stieber