Source: Sherman Publications

Seven vie for one Goodrich School Board seat

by David Fleet

August 17, 2011

By a 6-0 vote on Monday night the Goodrich School Board chose Howard “Chip” Schultz to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of trustee Michael Tripp on July 31.

Seven candidates applied for the seat which will expire in November 2012.

Schultz, 43, is a fire and arson investigator for the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. He was also assigned to Milford High School in Highland Township as a school liaison officer after serving with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office as a road patrol deputy in addition to various jail duties. He has lived in Goodrich for four years with three children who currently attend district schools.

“My desire to run for school board goes back to working as a liaison officer in Milford,” he said. “I saw a different side to the school— teachers, counselors, administration. In addition, I was asked to run by several parents and members of the community. I have had an interest before and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to be in office.”

Schultz said his occupation as a deputy will enhance his trustee position on the board.

“As a deputy and detective I’m always taking and looking for facts of a particular case. There’s always two sides to the story to gather. From that I will develop a response to what really took place and get my point across.”

Schultz is also a strong advocate for schools of choice.

“I’m pro schools of choice. The district does not want to be overwhelmed (with students), but due to budgets, enrollment needs to be up. Still, there has to be caps on enrollment. That number is difficult to determine.”

Tim Zirnhelt, school board president, said all seven candidates were outstanding.

“Schultz did a great interview,” he said. “Still, you never know what you get until they are on the board. I know of him and what others have said about him. I’ve also really liked his answers. The fact that he is a policeman has nothing to do with him, being chosen, rather his conduct inthe community. I don’t know him personally.”