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Main St. double feature
Rock invites Fieri to sample Union, Woodshop cuisine

by Trevor Keiser

August 24, 2011

News crews, film crews, bodyguards, and screaming fans lined up outside the Clarkston Union, Thursday, as Kid Rock and Guy Fieri, Food Network star, came to town.

Fieri was featuring Main Street restaurants The Union and Woodshop on his show “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.”

“We were really thrilled to be picked,” said Ann Stevenson, co-owner of the Union and the Woodshop with her husband Curt Catallo and partner Erich Lines. “To be part of the program is just really stunning and we’re really humbled by the whole thing to be included in that.”

Stevenson said they are the first to have two places with the same owners featured on the show.

“Truly we would have been jazzed by having one of the restaurants picked,” she said. “The fact that both places are going to be included, were just super thrilled about it.”

Stevenson said Fieri’s outgoing persona on TV was similar to real life.

“The cool thing was he came back in on Saturday night and hung out and had high praise for the town in general,” she said. “I figured a guy like that who’s been literally all over – the fact he came back in for dinner and hungout for a bit was cool. He seemed to like the joints we have, we were pretty pleased.”

Heather Roeser, who was one of the restaurant customers filmed for the show, said a variety of food offerd by the restaurant was placed at different tables. Fieri went from table to table, tasting dishes and interviewing patrons on how they like the restaurant.

“He interviewed Kim (Huttenlocher) and I and asked us what we were eating, had a little taste off our plate,” said Roeser, who had the Plowshare dinner. “It was exciting having the whole film crew there and I think it’s going to be exciting for Ann and Curt. They’re going to have many new patrons coming in the restaurant from being on the show.”

Stevenson said they are “gearing up” for what they know will be hitting the town, but are taking it in stride.

“We already have noticed a huge increase in lots of calls and interest,” she said.

They are also opening a third restaurant in Berkley at the Vinsetta Garage off Woodward Avenue.

The show featuring the Union and the Woodshop is expected to be aired on the Food Network in six months.

“I think this will be great for the town. I’ve already seen how much retail has really flourished and there is a great connection between the retailers,” Stevenson said. “I just think this will be another thing that adds to people, to see what the village is all about.”