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Letter to the editor
Tractor column missed the mark

August 24, 2011

Dear Editor,

Everyone who is paying attention knows that the tractor gifted to Independence Township disappeared at the hand of the supervisor. This cannot and must not be overlooked.

Unfortunately, the obvious theft of the tractor by the township supervisor is not a sci-fi movie as The Clarkston News editor suggested (re: "Obsession," Aug. 20's Phil in the Blank column).

It is all too real.

The article is accurate to the point that it is not just about the tractor. It is about public officials being honest and worthy of the public’s trust, something the supervisor has violated.

The column relies on the newspaper’s inaccurate reporting that township employees went onto a resident’s property.

That is untrue and was printed by The Clarkston News without any confirmation of a mere allegation ("Tractor digs up trouble for resident," Aug. 3). It is poor journalism that serves to mislead the public

There is no “shooting” at Supervisor Wagner. Only the obligation of the Township Board to get at the facts, as is their duty to their constituents.

They should not turn a blind eye to wrongdoing just because it may be uncomfortable. Trust in government is earned even at the local level.

Phil Custodio is not showing civic responsibility in calling for a stop to the investigation before the facts are all known. Calling for a stop assumes there has been no wrongdoing.

Yet what the entire community has witnessed is a course of wrongdoing by the supervisor over the last several years. That’s what has to stop.

What “force” is exerting such control on our community and why?

Craig Strickland

Independence Township