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Atlas Township
Peddlers and Solicitors Ordinance #11-03

August 24, 2011



At a regular meeting of the Township of Atlas Board on August 15, 2011, the Board did adopt the Peddlers and Solicitors Ordinance #11-03. The following is a summary of the ordinance. The entire ordinance is available for review at the Clerk’s office, Township of Atlas, 7386 S. Gale Road, Goodrich, MI 48438

SECTION 1 – License Required; – states solicitors or peddlers must first obtain a license and comply with the provisions of the ordinance.


SECTION 3 – APPLICATION – Details the process of applying for a license.

SECTION 4 – ISSUANCE OF LICENSE – Details regarding process of issuance of license

SECTION 5 – DISPLAY AND USE OF LICENSE – Details the display and use of license.

SECTION 6 – PROHIBITED CONDUCT – Describes prohibited conduct of soliciting or peddling and violations thereof.

SECTION 7 – FEE SCHEDULE – Indicates fees for each license issued under the provisions of this Ordinance which are to be set by township board by resolution.

SECTION 8 – EXEMPTIONS – States exemptions of organizations as to fee requirements.

SECTION 9 – INDEMNIFICATION – Applicants shall observe all pertinent laws and regulations of the township and hold township harmless of activities resulting from licensee’s activities.

SECTION 10 – REFUSAL, SUSPENSION OR REVOCATION – Details the suspension and revocation of licenses.

SECTION 11 – REPEAL – All ordinances or parts of ordinances inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed.

SECTION 12 – SEVERABILITY – States the validity of this ordinance if a clause is void, ineffective or unconstitutional.

SECTION 13 — PENALTY – States the penalties for violation of this Ordinance.

SECTION 14 — EFFECTIVE DATE — This ordinance shall take effect thirty (30) days after publication of this ordinance.

Teresa Onica, CMC

Atlas Township Clerk

Publish in The Citizen 8-20-11