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Be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

August 24, 2011

Dear Editor,

(In response to Buyer beware and Fiscally Sound, The Citizen Aug. 20, page 6 and 21.)

Mr. Haiser (CPA), members of the council or myself do not advocate or support any tax increase! People with an agenda hear what they want to hear and spin it to their advantage. Mr. Haiserís position was one of presenting a parallel. If the residents of Goodrich felt better with a larger balance in the general fund, then taxes would have to increase. Mr. Haiser or I do not support any increase. It was solely a statement of fact and not one of action. As to the lengthy research conducted by Mr. Emch and the comments of Mr.Wartella, if the time and effort devoted to these pursuits were directed in a positive way to help heal and advance the village we would all benefit. But to some, it is better to spin the facts and use scare tactics to drive their agenda.

Mr. Wartellaís wife was recalled by the voters because of the direction that she was taking the village. Several elections ago, Mr.Emch was defeated in a general election for the council because the majority of the voters rejected his ideas and platform. Sour grapes are the sustenance that disgruntled individuals feed upon.

As to getting straight answers, ask residents of Goodrich, Terese Allen and Mr. and Mrs. Philip Fisher if the new council has been responsive and helpful regarding their drain issues. We havenít resolved the problem, but their problems are also our problem and we will continue to help in any way we can. As to new initiatives launched by this council, Mr. Morey is working on a Village website. Ads have been placed in four newspaper publications and the website for Michigan Municipal League seeking an interim Village manager.

I offer a personal invitation to Messrs. Wartella and Emch to come to the Village conference room on Sept.12 between 5-7 p.m. were Mr. McAbee and myself will be meeting residents who have concerns, complaints, or ideas. This is another new program that this new council has initiated. In a few short weeks this council has accomplished more then the previous councilís have during their entire term.

It is better to

The naysayers will not stop the people of Goodrich from having a better future.

Richard Saroli