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School in good shape for new year
Former phys-ed teacher takes top job at Clarkston El

by Wendi Reardon

August 31, 2011

When school starts on Tuesday, Clarkston Elementary students will see a familiar face in a new role.

Brian Adams has stepped into the position as principal after being interim principal for most of last year and after teaching there for the last 10 years.

He said being interim principal really helped with the transition as well as knowing students, staff and the building.

"The transition was good because I have a good rapport with staff members I have worked with," he added. "It was great to start as interim where people are giving you the chance to learn."

Adams has taught for Clarkston Community Schools for 11 years in elementary physical education and health. He has worked at six of the elementaries the only one he hadn't taught at was Andersonville Elementary.

"I love being a physical education teacher and being around the kids," he added. "I feel fortunate to get up in the morning, like what I do and really enjoy it."

While in the position he also got to know the students in the building and know their experiences how it was to be a kindergartener new to elementary school as well as a fifth grader getting ready for middle school.

Plus, as a bonus for him, elementary students are excited to be at school.

"I come in the morning and they are smiling," he said. "You hear a lot of elementary kids this time of year say how excited they are go to back to school."

The rapport built with students helped when the temporary position came up.

"When I was up for the interimship, I had worked with all the principals," he said. "They knew I was a hard worker and there for the kids."

Adams added he also likes a challenge and to push himself which made him take it up to the next level to get his Masters in Elementary Principalship at Central Michigan University about six years ago.

As a parent of two children under the ages of 5, he knows how important education is for children and parents.

"I believe all parents want what is best for their kids, a quality education," he added.

When Adams walks through the doors everyday he reminds himself of the responsibility to provide each child with the best education.

"It is what I want for my kids," he added. "It is what I expect when they are going to school that someone is going to give them the tools they need to be succesful in life."

Being a family man, what he enjoys about working in Clarkston and for the district are the families.

"We are a very fortunate school district to have wonderful families and kids," Adams said. "It makes coming to work a lot easier when you have families that want quality education and kids that know what is right and wrong and work hard in school."

He also enjoys the sense of community in Clarkston. He grew up in a small town and Clarkston's location close to Detroit gives it a mix of big city and small town.

Clarkston stands out because of its traditions, downtown, parades and other events, location and environment, and athletics.

"I love people in Clarkston are proud to be from Clarkston," he added. "People in Clarkston help their neighbors out."

Adams spends his free time with his family, and also enjoys being out on the water, enjoying sports and recreation and teaching children how to make it through the world.

"I feel very fortunate I got to stay in a building I have a strong connection to," he said. "I get to help it get better than it already is.