Source: Sherman Publications

Village voters elect councilmen, give permission to sell land

September 14, 2011

It was an extremely slow day at the polls, but Oxford Village voters got the job done Tuesday.

Proposal A, a ballot question seeking voters’ permission to sell a 0.431-acre village-owned lot located on the west side of Pleasant St., was approved by margin of 141 to 42.

Located across from Davison St., the odd-shaped parcel is adjacent to the Polly Ann Trail and situated between Dayton and Lafayette streets.

Voters also elected two individuals to the village council for the next four years.

Incumbent Tony Albensi was re-elected with 142 votes, while newcomer Kevin Stephison received 137 votes.

A total of 184 (or 7.4 percent) of the village’s 2,489 registered voters participated in the election.

Of those who voted, 139 did so via absentee ballot, meaning only 45 people actually went to the polls Tuesday to cast their ballot.

– Editor C.J. Carnacchio