Source: Sherman Publications

Horton to lead village council

by David Fleet

September 14, 2011

Goodrich-The weather is changing and so is the village council.

By a 3-2 vote on Monday night the village council voted Rick Horton as president.

The decision ousts President Pro Tem Doug McAbee who had served since Council President Patricia Wartella was voted out of office in May.

“They blind-sided me,” said McAbee. “The election of a president was listed on the village agenda for Monday night. I requested the issue be removed and they did not. I set the agenda. The village charter is clear that after a regular election we vote for (council president)—not a special election like a recall. After Patty was recalled the pro tem assumes the duties. I’ve been over all those meetings no votes or questions before now.”

Councilmember Richard Saroli moved to keep the vote on the agenda. The council gathered for a 20 minute recess outside the council room with Village Attorney Michael Gilner.

The council voted 3-2, with Richard Saroli, Rick Horton and Pete Morey voting yes. Councilmembers Doug McAbee and Phil Jackson voted no.

“Mr. McAbee was never elected president,” said Saroli. If the president is unable to do the duty (of the office) due to illness or absence, then the pro tem comes in until they return. There’s no word about a recall.”

“I don’t give advice on the fly,” said Gilner. “But we can live with the vote of the majority.”

The council nominated Rick Horton and Doug McAbee. The council voted 3-2 with Richard Saroli, Rick Horton and Pete Morey voting for Horton. Councilmembers Doug McAbee and Phil Jackson voted for McAbee.

After the vote the council instructed Gilner to investigate the issue and report back to council.